Four Technologies To Look Out For In 2019

Four Technologies To Look Out For In 2019

The internet of today is a world of opportunities. The hybrid technological revolution has everything wirelessly hooked to the cloud and no one seems to care about privacy anymore. Artificial Intelligence has just about started to manifest as industrial applications. Then, there’s a bunch of other hot technologies like 5G, and mainstream 3D printing that are raring to go. We are even looking at interactive ecommerce visualization.  

In this article, we will do a quick roundup of the technologies that will continue to captivate our imaginations in 2019.

The Virtual Companionship

Virtual assistance is sweeping across all shades of life from mobile-embedded voice assistants to the now iconic Google Duplex. The real question here is whether or not we as a people are ready to give up some of our hard-earned privacy for the lure of virtual assistance.

Nevertheless, virtual assistance is already a big part of basic everyday functions like playing music, setting timer or even checking the weather. Honestly, leaping from here to full-fledged life integration is a long and distant dream.

5G Revolution

Wireless technology of the 5th generation has already been widely accepted by carriers like Verizon, AT&T. The high speed data transmission technology works on 802.11ac IEEE wireless networking. 5G promises data transmission at three times the current speed.

The infrastructure to support 5G is set to be updated by the end of this year. When in full swing, 5G will enable people to download entire movies in just a few minutes. The applications of 5G extend into devices like self-driven cars, drones, security cameras and many more.   

Smart Security Solutions

Computers have long made use of antivirus software. But with IoT, almost every smart device in the home is connected to the internet. Smart devices like phones work on a number of ways to tackle information security.

Integrated internet security in smart devices is going to be a real solution for many homes. As it is, hackers are all after the Wi-Fi routers, which have traditionally been low on security. The solution is clearly in integrated smart security solutions either on a device-based or a network based mechanism.    

Voice Assistants Get Bigger

Automated, integrated and personal assistants will become way more important in the months to come. Today, voice assistants understand human text and speech across a number of languages and accents. The Big Three voice assistants (Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri) are receiving tough competition from a range of up and coming voice assistants. Samsung Bixby, Nuance Nina, Microsoft Cortana and IBM Watson are catching up at just as fast.

This clearly signals the upmarket nature of the technology. However, that does not undermine the fact that there are still significant limitations of the technology as a whole. Device control still works with a specific commands only. Unfamiliar commands are still met with rather stock answers.

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