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A Peek Into Cognitive Automation

Automation has grown overnight as a technology. With thousands of enterprises benefiting immensely from automation, there are several more that are taking the vertical dive into automated business success. Over the last couple of years, several automated tools have made a giant leap into fame, powering much of the success we mention. These intuitive tools are easy to both deploy and scale.

Hundreds of automation beneficiaries are deploying intelligent digital workforces. Such workforces include multiple bots or digital workers. The best thing about this transformation is that business owners do not need programming skills to design these bots. They can simply source it from automation vendors and save millions of dollars annually.

Easing up with RPA

As a technology RPA has become remarkably easy to understand and master. It’s become so intuitive that organizations can design and deploy bots within the space of just a few days. This is particularly true for automation platforms like UiPath and Automation Anywhere (and others that cater to small to large businesses).

Then, there are larger AI platforms like IBM Watson. Evidently, they are made for bigger organizations with significant IT prowess. While they work with some engagement from data scientists and seasoned AI experts, you can also expect significantly higher returns.

Many large organization are using platforms like IBN Watson to delve into deeper concepts like conversation capabilities, sentiment analysis and embedding chat bots into integrated voice response (IVR) systems. Additional augmentative technologies like predictive analysis and Natural Language Processing can be used to achieve bigger results like fraud detection, and device or sensor failure detection.

Everyday RPA is Now Accessible

Big AI tech like IBM Watson have revolutionized digital transformation in large industries. However, these AI platforms are a little far-fetched for regular users in the finance and HR departments. In such cases, there is much to gain from cognitive automation solutions like Automation Anywhere, UiPath and IQ Bot. Cognitive automation makes use of computer vision to digitize documents and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better comprehend language better.

Cognitive automation tools can be used to tackle both structured and unstructured data with greater efficiency and accuracy. In doing that, cognitive automation effectively seals the present divide between AI and RPA.        

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