AI As The Future Of Business Intelligence

AI As The Future Of Business Intelligence

Every once in a while, the technological ecosystem sees unprecedented change. The breakthroughs are rapid because the execution rate of potentially groundbreaking ideas is astoundingly high. The buzzword of the decade seems to be Artificial Intelligence or AI. It’s one of those technologies that’ve stepped right out of science fiction and penetrated straight into our lives. Face and voice recognition, task automation, digital assistance and even restaurant booking – the applications of AI seem to be rather surreal.  

What’s more? The maker community has moved the pieces swiftly to democratize Artificial Intelligence. Resultantly, it’s become one of the most disruptive technologies of the day. The rapid availability of cloud computing and open source computing have further aided the AI industry. New AI solutions are springing off the couch thanks to a growing community of dedicated data scientists, AI architects and developers.

Besides all the sci-fi promise, AI also promises to democratize technology at a very elementary scale. The two areas that stand to gain the most are data democratization and analytics adoption. Another important factor to note is how the gains made in predictive modelling, computing strength and machine learning have gestated a bunch of next-gen analytical tools.

Sealing the Niche Bridge

The wide understanding about niche technologies is that it is meant for niche jobs only. This is where the advancement in AI technology has pitched in to save the day for the average employee. AI now breaks down massive quantities of data into smaller bits, making it way easier for regular office departments to work with.

A lot of organizations are furthering their spending on tools. Ideally, they should also consider investing some time and effort in monitoring individual performances of each employee. The future belongs to organizations that invest in next-generation systems. These systems replace legacy systems to automate processes involving low cognition. In turn, the talented employees can shift their focus on higher problem-solving and innovation.

Data Relevance Goes Up with AI

Most organizations are still toying with the idea of data collection. However, data is largely meaningless to the growth of an organizations if it is not broken down into meaningful insights. With Artificial Intelligence, you get a sense of recommendation coming out of the user data collected over a period of time. To wit, Artificial Intelligence makes converts data into derivative insights, multiplying its importance manifold.

Challenges and Issues

Most new technologies bring their own shortcomings along with a lot of promise. When artificial intelligence is involved, it is important to consider these challenges even more earnestly. Automation lets you shred arbitrary tasks and add ease and efficiency to mechanical tasks. All while you get to negate human involvement to a certain degree.

Most of the limitations of AI pertain to security and learning pattern bias. The other and more important area for contemplation is human friction. It takes time for people to adapt to new technologies. Employees become comfortable with the existing technologies within the organization. The rapid implementation of AI is sure to cause friction. However, organizations must overcome that friction to stay relevant in the face of competition.   

AI is beyond being just a powerful technology. It is tech straight out of a science-fiction movie. It’s already here and its impact is huge. The technology will definitely usher growth to the doors of early adopters while dwindling the benefits for those that take more time.


In the end, it is critical to understand that AI opens up roles new job roles and job vacancies. It is an augmentative new technology with immense potential for eliminating redundancies. That lets it expand the world of opportunities, cross-skilling and up-skilling. There’s no way an organization can expect to skip the adoption of AI and still be hot property.

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